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Harlequin Panels by its-a-digiconspiracy
Mature content
Harlequin Panels :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 0 1
DW: Save the Primary Village! by its-a-digiconspiracy DW: Save the Primary Village! :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 14 2 Happy Birthday, Amy by its-a-digiconspiracy Happy Birthday, Amy :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 0 0 DW: Sol Tour Lineart by its-a-digiconspiracy DW: Sol Tour Lineart :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 4 0
In The Rain
Dean couldn't take it any more. He was sick of the whole damn mess – sick of hearing Sam's screams, sick of the furtive little glances Bobby and Cas kept shooting at him, sick of feeling helpless and scared and lost.
Finally, after Bobby asked him if he was OK for the fifth time in as many minutes, Dean snapped, slamming his beer down onto the counter.
"I'm fine, goddammit! Stop asking if I'm freaking OK, I'm OK!"
The silence that followed this outburst was somehow even worse than the unspoken tension which had filled the room before. Bobby stared back at him reproachfully, and Dean immediately regretted his words but he was damned if he was going to apologise.
Feeling the sudden need to be anywhere but here, Dean turned away and headed for the door.
"Where are you going?" Bobby asked quietly.
"Out." Replied Dean shortly. "I just…I need some air." He walked out of the room as quickly as he could, feeling Cas' gaze on the back of his neck. He grabbed the beer as he went
:iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 31 5
Mega - Perymon by its-a-digiconspiracy Mega - Perymon :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 18 2 Ultimate - Hernemon by its-a-digiconspiracy Ultimate - Hernemon :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 15 0 Champion - Hartmon by its-a-digiconspiracy Champion - Hartmon :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 13 2 Fawnmon Digivolution Line by its-a-digiconspiracy Fawnmon Digivolution Line :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 24 11 Secret Santa by its-a-digiconspiracy Secret Santa :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 6 1 DW: Hope Has No Place Here by its-a-digiconspiracy DW: Hope Has No Place Here :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 10 12 Three Brothers by its-a-digiconspiracy Three Brothers :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 14 18 Skeleton Detective by its-a-digiconspiracy Skeleton Detective :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 5 7 Side View by its-a-digiconspiracy Side View :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 6 2 Halloween by its-a-digiconspiracy Halloween :iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 17 9
Eerie Fog
Matt stole quietly through the deserted corridors of the Lune dorm, thick tendrils of white fog winding around her ankles. The silver torch in her hand cast a pale halo of light into the gloom, but didn't penetrate any further than a couple of inches ahead.
Something pressed against her leg, and Matt almost leapt out of her skin. She flicked the torch downwards, then froze as the beam alighted on a ghostly white shape. Then the shape looked up with wide blue eyes, and she let out a shaky breath of relief as she realised it was only Fawnmon.
"Geez, you almost scared the hell out of me!" She hissed, more out of shock than anger.
"Sorry." He whispered back, glancing anxiously around. "I couldn't see you!"
Something moved through the fog ahead of them, stirring the darkness into curlicues of mist. Fawnmon let out a little moan of fear.
"Matt, what are we doing here?"
"We're looking for stranded kids." Matt muttered back, shuffling warily forwards, keeping her back pressed firmly against th
:iconits-a-digiconspiracy:its-a-digiconspiracy 4 2

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I apparently haven't updated my journal since before Christmas, so I thought I should probably say something now...
Life is normal. I'm taking exams. My iPod is rebelling against me. Sherlock was on and now it's not, but it's OK because I have a Sherlockfest planned for half term :iconbbcsherlockplz: :D
That's...actually about it, really. Oh, I got rejected from Oxford, but I got an offer from Imperial College in London, which I actually preferred, so that's panned out quite well.
Peace out.
Or something.
I need better ways to sign off my journals.

Until the next time,


Wouldn't you like to know.
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We haven't spoken in a while. D: Sorry.
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